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Despite One Mask Incident, Voting Continues Smoothly

By Jarret Liotta

Despite one minor incident where a voter refused to don a mask, things continue to run smoothly at the polls in Westport.

Tom Holoubek-Sebok casts his vote at Coleytown Elementary School (Westport, CT) in the early afternoon. Nov. 3, 2020, by Jarret Liotta
Tom Holoubek-Sebok casts his vote at Coleytown Elementary School in the early afternoon. (CLICK TO ENLARGE) Jarret Liotta for WestportNow.com

Voter turnout remains strong, with 6,166 of the town’s 19,970 20,296 registered voters showing up at the polls by 1 p.m., with thousands of ballots also on hand at Town Hall.

“We’ve had a lot of traffic,” said Pamela Joseph, moderator for 132-2 at Coleytown Elementary School.

She described a good flow of people, beginning with a large number in the morning, courteous voters, and a hard working team of volunteer election officials helping things to run smoothly in the gymnasium.

Voting Day Registration at Westport Town Hall

Election Day voter registration at Westport CT Town Hall, Nov. 3, 2020, by Dave Matlow
Town Hall voting was dedicated to election day registrants who could vote as soon as their registrations were validated and accepted. According to volunteer Craig Bergamo, less than 10 people registered and voted by 6:30 a.m. at that site. Anyone who is eligible to vote in Westport and wishes to register and vote today can go to the back entrance of Town Hall and head for the Auditorium. Polls close at 8 p.m. (CLICK TO ENLARGE) Dave Matlow for WestportNow.com

Early Voter Turnout

By Jarret Liotta

Hundreds of people began Election Day lined up to vote outside of Greens Farms Elementary—more than many people have ever seen before.

Suzanne Hermus, Westport CT, waiting to vote at Greens Farms Elementary, Nov. 3, 2020, by Jarret Liotta
Suzanne Hermus of Westport was among hundreds of voters who made up an incredibly long line this morning at Greens Farms Elementary when the polls opened. “When you see it it’s pretty incredible,” she said. “I’ve voted many years here in the past and I’ve never seen this before.” (CLICK TO ENLARGE) Jarret Liotta for WestportNow.com

“When you see it, it’s pretty incredible,” said Suzanne Hermus of Westport, who likewise wasn’t surprised by a queue that—even with social distancing—was remarkably long.

“I’ve voted many years here in the past and I’ve never seen this before,” she said, standing on a line that circled the parking lot and rolled partway down the driveway.

“This is what democracy should look like,” said Nancy Dodderidge of Westport, who was impressed with the civility and tangible commitment of volunteers and voters in attendance.