Tuesday, October 26, 2021


Letter: PAL President Explains June 30 Fireworks Date

To the Editor:

Fellow Westporters, I would like to clear up any confusion as to how the date of Thursday, June 30 was chosen for our fireworks display this year. There many considerations that must be taken into account.  The fireworks are always held on a weekday evening. We cannot shut down the beach on a weekend. The high cost of overtime is one factor and criticism from the public is another.

The logistics of clearing Compo Beach prior to opening it back on a weekend is also part of the calculation. If there is a rain delay the financial cost to the Westport P.A.L. runs into the tens of thousands of dollars a day.  A rainout on a Friday, postponed until Monday could cost upwards of $30,000.

The fireworks are the primary fundraising event of year for the Westport Police Athletic League.  We use those funds to provide scholarships to Westport students in college, the Halloween Parade, the Holiday Children’s Party, and the support of many other local causes. Our boys and girls athletic programs serve over 2,000 children annually. Please remember, at the heart of Westport P.A.L., “It’s all about the kids.”

This will be our 60th year of providing the fireworks display to the town. We hope that you will continue to enjoy what is truly a labor of love. I look forward to seeing everyone on June 30 at Compo Beach.

Edward J. Batlin
Westport Police Athletic League

One thought on “Letter: PAL President Explains June 30 Fireworks Date

  1. All of us appreciate PAL’s efforts to support programs that benefit our kids and families.  That being said, many residents justly feel that we should celebrate Independence Day on a date that falls on or very close to the actual holiday.  Many working families simply cannot attend fireworks during the work week.  If we need to pay extra for overtime to have the fireworks on a Friday or weekend night, than that is money well spent for the benefit of the enjoyment of Westport families and friends.  Other communities around the region (including Fairfield July 2 and Norwalk July 3) have chosen weekend dates, and apparently have figured out how to deal with any associated costs and logistics so that their residents can celebrate as a community on a more appropriate and convenient time.  Its time that Westport does the same.

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