Wednesday, May 25, 2022


WestportNow: Preserving Digital History & Exploring Options

WestportNow is currently operating as a digital history while it explores options for continuing to serve the Westport community.

One of the nation’s first professionally written and edited community news sites, WestportNow provided 24/7 coverage of Westport, Connecticut, from its founding in 2003 until the death of editor and publisher Gordon F. Joseloff in November 2020. (See WestportNow November 9, 2020). It frequently attracted more readers on a weekly basis than any other print or online Westport-based publication.

WestportNow’s award-winning journalism will remain available on the website as a historical record of Westport from 2003 to 2020. WestportNow is grateful to its readers, contributors, and advertisers for making the site a trusted source of fact-based information for nearly 18 years.

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